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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Solid Ground Homes build?

Currently, Solid Ground Homes builds in …

Can sGH Build on my lot?

Yes! Solid Ground Homes are proud to partner with you to make your dream home come to life.  We have the experience and trade partnerships to bring you both quality craftsmanship and value!  Our On Your Lot Specialists are the best in the business so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands!

How long does it take to build a home?

We build our homes with care and do not cut corners. Due to current material and production delays our build times may vary. To get the most accurate time frame for your build, please speak with one of our amazing sales team members. 

What does it mean when a home is listed as under construction on the website?

When a home is listed for sale on the website as under construction, it means that the specific home listed has already broken ground on the designated lot and has begun the build process. During this time the home has already had many of the materials to finish the home ordered for it and no major changes can be made. One of the benefits of this option is a more seamless build that can often benefit the timeline between the time you sign your contract to the day you get the keys to your Solid Ground Home!  

What is the difference between an under construction, move-in ready, and pre-sale home?

Under Construction: A home that is under construction sometimes referred to as a “spec” home, is a floor plan that has been pre-designated for a specific lot and is either about to be built or is under construction. Our expert design teams take the time to pre-select the options for these homes to ensure they are crafted with stylish and desirable finishes that families will love. Since all the selections have been pre-determined prior to the construction of the home, no changes can be made. 

Move-in ready:The name says it all! These homes are completely finished and ready to be moved into. Once financing is secured for the home, the closing can typically take place between 30-45 days.

Pre-Sale: A few of our communities offer the opportunity for pre-sale homes. With this option, you will work with one of our sales agents to choose the available lot and floor plan that will work best for you and your family. From there, you will schedule a time to meet with our expert design team and pick from a selection of upgrades and finishes to make the home truly your own.  

Can I buy a home under construction and make changes to it?

Our under-construction homes or designer-specified homes (spec homes) have their options expertly selected by our design team at Solid Ground Homes. We take the time to design these homes individually to ensure all of our under-construction homes are crafted with stylish and desirable options that families will love. 

Once these selections have been made, all the materials are ordered to be able to construct the home as seamlessly as possible. Due to this, we do not allow any changes to be made to our homes that are under construction. 

How do I know what my price range or monthly payment would be?

The best way to know what your price range will be is to talk to a mortgage lender. They will look at your financial situation as a whole and determine what you can afford. 

If you are looking for a rough estimate of what the monthly payments on a specific home are going to cost, we encourage you to use a Mortgage Calculator.

Why are standard features different in some neighborhoods?

At Solid Ground Homes, we determine standard features for our communities based on price. Because of that, we make sure that every home comes with updated and desirable features available for every price range. 

Why is the same floorplan more expensive in another neighborhood?

Lot prices vary from community to community due to location and lot pricing. Because of this, a floorplan can be listed for one price in one community but might be a little more for the exact same floor plan in another community.