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What's the process?

Constructing a new home necessitates the collective proficiency of numerous individuals, ranging from the architect conceptualizing the plans to the myriad of construction specialists and skilled workers involved in the building process. Each member of our team builds upon the achievements of their predecessor, and it is this collaborative approach that forms the core of our work.



This is the initial stage where you, the client meets with Solid Ground Homes to discuss your needs and preferences. We listen carefully to the client’s requirements and provide suggestions and recommendations where necessary. This stage is crucial as it sets the foundation for the entire building process.


Land inspection

Once your needs are understood, Solid Ground Homes will conduct a thorough inspection of the land. This will help determine any potential challenges that may affect the building process. The inspection will also help us determine the best orientation for the home, taking into consideration factors such as sunlight, drainage, and wind direction.


Floor planning

After the land inspection, Solid Ground Homes will create a floor plan that incorporates the client’s needs and preferences, as well as any other requirements such as local building codes. The floor plan should include details such as room sizes, windows, doors, and electrical and plumbing layouts.


Cost estimation

Once the floor plan is finalized, Solid Ground Homes should provide a detailed cost estimation. This should include all the materials, labor, and other costs associated with the building process. The client should have a clear understanding of the costs involved before proceeding to the next stage.


Agreement signing

If you are satisfied with the cost estimation, signing an agreement is next. The contract should clearly outline the scope of work, payment terms, and the expected completion date. Both the client and the builder should have a copy of the agreement.


Home building

With the agreement signed, Solid Ground Homes can begin the construction process. This will involve various stages such as excavation, foundation laying, framing, roofing, electrical and plumbing installation, and finishing. Throughout the process, the builder should keep the client updated on the progress of the project and address any concerns that arise.