When planning your home, a valuable tool for prioritizing and decision making is the Project Scope Triangle. The triangle illustrates the relationship between three primary constraints in a project.

The three constraints are:

  • Cost: The overall budget for the project (estimated construction costs).
  • Quality: Materials, design and techniques -with high performance being one example.
  • Quantity: Home area, typically measured by square footage, but sometimes by volume.

The Project Scope Triangle is a model of the constraints project scope. It contends that:

  • The scope of work is constrained by the projects budget, quality and quantity.
  • The owner can trade between constraints.
  • Changes in one constraint necessitate changes in others to compensate or the scope will not be met.

For example, a quality (high performance) home can be completed for less cots if the quantity (square footage) is reduced.

The real value of the Project Scope Triangle is to show the complexity that is present in your project. The plane area of the triangle represents the near infinite variations of priorities that exist between the three competing constraints.

By acknowledging the limitless variety, possible within the triangle, using this graphic aid can facilitate better project decisions and planning to ensure alignment among all team members.

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