Basement Finish Project Profiles

Below you will find a few project profiles and pictures. 

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Solid Ground Homes & Remodeling is a building company based out of Ramsey, MN. 

We focus on building new homes with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), Additions, Remodels, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Garages, Basement Finishes, Insurance Restoration, Decorative Concrete, Decks, Windows, and incorporate proven technologies that help with energy efficiency & comfort.  We intentionally choose these technogies to improve our project performance.


When it comes to Basement Finish, our approach . . . .

  • Is based on The Solid Ground Building Philosophy, we begin by helping you sort through a process of answering simple questions that compound to our understanding of your goals and values.
  • Means that this Basement Finish IS the opportunity to make the decisions you want and need. 
  • Says that we could rely on experience alone to help you with this.  Of course, if we only rely on our experience, we are likely to just produce something we already produced for someone else.  Sometimes this experienced approach is enough.  We always prefer to build for you and your Family. 
  • Demonstrates that we prefer to use our intelligence.  Put simply, this involves us using our ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. 
  • Requires us to focus a lot of attention on providing a solid structure and building envelope for your project.
  • Involves getting to the heart of what you want, and applying our expertise to help you with these desires and goals for your family.

More Considerations. . .

Basement finishing projects happen for a lot of different reasons.  Families grow.  Kids Leave home, and now it’s finally all yours to do with what want!  Maybe the Basement just is not ever going to mean anything to you until it gets finished.  Maybe you just want to get your own office space.  Or, maybe you have the desire to provide your blossoming teen agers a place to retreat in solitude with their friends, where you know where they really are!  There are a lot of reasons to finish off the basement you have. 

Things to think about:

-          Is this basement the entire project, or is it a phase or part of a bigger picture?

-          What kind of look do you want to accomplish?

-          Are you planning any special type of functions in the areas you want to change?

-          Is durability a priority? 

-          Are costs a priority on your basement finishing investment?

In terms of broader goals, you can ask these 4 questions as well:

-          What do I want from my home but currently do not have? (Achieve)

-          What do I have with my home that I like & want to keep? (Preserve)

-          What is it that I don’t have with my basement and never want to experience? (Avoid)

-          What is it that I don’t want but currently experience with my lower level? (Eliminate)

We would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can help with your Basement Finishing project planning and details. 

Please contact us @ 763-754-3939 or visit us @