Meet Jenáe

Director of Marketing & B.D.

jenáe goede

Joined SGH:   2017

Address:   5300 Alpine Dr. NW, Suite 240, Ramsey, MN 55303


Phone:   (763) 323-1334 x1007

Jenáe is an educated and well-rounded business professional with direct leadership experience in marketing and past success in information technology. She was recruited in mid-2017. Jenáe has experience in creating solid marketing platforms and specializes in video, audio, and photo production. She is adept at change management and working on tight deadlines in stressful environments.

In her free time, she’ll often take off on an adventure, exploring whenever and wherever she can.  Her husband and three children are what motivate her in life, and spending time with them is what she finds most rewarding. From the farm or cabin to a seven-course dinner in the city, she enjoys it all.