In House Design

We want to let you in on a well-kept secret. Having your project designed and built by the same company gives you a financial edge. Naturally, you would wonder how this can be. At Solid Ground Homes & Remodeling, we realized the added benefits of cost control and project precision that we could give our clients, simply by offering In House Design.

Before signing your name on the “dotted line” for our design services, we have some valuable steps that will help you discover exactly what you need and what we have to offer. Once you contact our team, we will gather necessary information about your project. After our initial conversation, you can expect to receive a Before We Start document that will cover our process and cost information. This document will include our design construction start date and will initiate the scheduling of an in-office meeting with our Lead Designer.

After a meeting time is set, we will send you  a Discovery Questionnaire that will allow you to provide as much detail about your project as possible, including inspirational photos, building site information and any existing drawings if your project is a remodel. During your first meeting with our team, we will review the information provided on all documents sent to you. We will also review our current design/construction schedule and help you identify next steps for your project. If you decide to enlist our in house design services, a Cost Estimate for Design Services document will be given to you, along with and additional information you request. 

Your wants and needs are important to us, so we follow a rigid 7-Step process to ensure you are confident in every aspect of your project.
Meeting 1 – Initial Meeting 

We will meet to discuss your project and review the Solid Ground Homes process.

  • Get to Know You: We want to discover your needs & wants, likes & dislikes, etc.
  • About Us: Learn more about the Solid Ground Homes & Remodeling Team and our Core Values
  • Gain a better understanding of the High Performance Building Process
  • Receive the SGH Discovery Questionnaire
Meeting 2 – Pre-Design & Design 

Once the Design Agreement is created and enacted, we will start the design process by:

  • Discussing the initial sketches or plans for your project
  • Discussing your budget needs and financing options
  • Discussing your project location/lot dynamics

IF this is a remodeling project, a site verification trip is performed, and as-built drawings will be produced.

Meeting 3 – Construction Documentation Review 

The construction documents are simply the detailed “blueprints” and specifications for your project.

  • We will discuss the Feasibility Agreement & how it works
  • Appointments with Design Consultants will be scheduled for making home selections
  • We will review the preliminary estimates 
  • We will discuss the consideration of Energy Modeling & if Structural Engineering needs are present
Meeting 4 – Final Review & Bidding 

In this step, we make things official!

  • All construction documents are reviewed
  • Final selections are made
  • We will discuss any questions or concerns 
  • The documents are sent out for bid and the transition is made from designing to building
Meeting 5 – Proposal & Schedule 

The final proposal will be assembled and presented to you. In this step, the contract between you and SGH is signed and a construction schedule is established.

Meeting 6 – Construction 

This is where mobilization to the site will begin and construction of your project gets underway!

  • You will apply for permits
  • The building process begins by ordering the materials needed to complete your project
Meeting 7 – Project Completion

All construction is completed in this last step and you are “handed the keys”.

  • There is a final inspection
  • Finance closing
  • The one-year warranty is scheduled
  • The project is now yours to enjoy!