Project Title: Braham, Minnesota ICF

New Home Project Details: • The Insulated Concrete Forms were used as both Foundational Below Grade Walls as well as the above grade exterior walls. The forms were also used as interior walls in order to build a vault approximately 8' x 18'. That's one big safe! :) • From the Distressed Alder Cabinetry in the bathrooms to one of the most beautiful kitchens Man has ever made, this home is one that anyone would be proud to call... "HOME". Take a tour and make sure you don't drool on the keyboard because this home is remarkable. What your don't see in these pictures is the comfort, safety, and Energy Efficiency that really all add up along with the Beautiful Design work. • This home is one of the highest performing homes that we have built. From the supplemented wood burning in floor radiant hydronic heated boiler to the additional Active Solar Thermal Domestic Water Heating unit this home performs better than most. The homeowners had two requests before drawing up plans... Strength and Quietness. The Husband wanted to create a structure safe from Mother Natures Radical Tornados, and the Wife didn't want to ever hear a cricket chirp from inside. This project is near completion.

Braham, Minnesota

Braham, Minnesota (24)